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Who Are We?

As the top Master Partner for AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless, our main goal is to make things easy for our dealers. We've teamed up with AT&T Prepaid, Cricket Wireless, and the advanced RT2 system to offer unmatched support. Beyond just helping with activations, we aim to provide consumers with the best wireless service using these industry leaders and the advanced RT2 system.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible to Client Needs

We tailor our offerings to suit each client's specific and unique requirements.


Consistent and Dependable

We guarantee our dealers reliable support to ensure complete satisfaction.


Excellent Dealer Support

Expect quick and accurate help from our dedicated support team, ensuring your questions are addressed effectively and with utmost care.


High-End Solution Provider

Our solutions provide our dealers with resolutions of the highest quality.


Trusted Master Partner

Reliable Wireless Partner


Industry-Leading Partnerships

AT&T Prepaid & Cricket Wireless


End-to-End Dealer Support

Seamless Dealer Solutions

Your Most Reliable Wireless Partner

Stay connected globally with the best wireless international calling plans.

  • Wireless Innovation

    Leading wireless innovation for seamless and efficient dealer solutions.

  • Effortless Dealership

    Select our advanced wireless for effortless and effective connectivity.

  • Instant Support

    Trust our prompt assistance for quick and accurate guidance.

  • Industry Impact

    Top-tier prepaid leader, crafting seamless activations with strong partnerships.